Give a gift that makes a difference!

When you give the gift of transportation, clean laundry, food, or housing you bring positive change to all the people touched by your generosity. As part of our acknowledgment for donations received before December 19, 2021, New Heights will provide a personalized certificate for you to present to the person or group you choose to honor with your donation.

Give the gift of  transportation.

When you give the gift of reliable transportation you help an individual gain or maintain employment. Our experience shows when a family gains access to reliable transportation household income increases an average $1,400 per year.


Your donation will be used to help cover the costs of necessary auto repairs and fully vetted used vehicles for financially struggling households.

Give the gift of clean laundry.

The New Heights Laundry Hub will be a community center with a functioning laundromat. Through the Laundry Hub, Benton Heights residents will not only have access to clean laundry but will also have meeting space to work with a variety of requested local services that will help the community access a wide range of available resources.


Your donation will be used for construction of the Laundry Hub. COMING OCT 2022!

Give the gift of food security.

Many families in our community face chronic food insecurity, meaning that they regularly do not have enough food to get by. By giving the gift of food security you are helping families have consistent access to food staples like flour, canned vegetables and lean ground beef. 


Your donation provides meals to food-insecure families.

Give the gift of housing.

New Heights wants to provide safe, quality, and affordable housing in Benton Heights as homeownership is a key step in alleviating poverty and building generational wealth. By giving the gift of housing you are helping support the renovation of New Height's first home.


Your donation supports the renovation of a home to be provided to a worthy Benton Heights resident or family for pennies on the dollar.